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Edotales Tactics is unlimited battle driven game, which elapses in the far future, throughout deep space intergalactic mayhem where space-pirates smugglers and mercenary warmongers defy the established social-economic universal order. Following the background story of the "Edotales" graphic novel series and the adventures of Cap. Avok's rogue crew - the first episode scenery will be based on the supermassive planet Mänthor's realms - Edotales Tactics will bring a new view over this universe. In this tactical turn-based game, the players must manage and enhance their army and technological resources, in order to engage in battle, deploying their units, and boosting them with their Commander-card's skills. Special equipment, upgrade assets and special strategically procedures, are going to be available, allowing the player to destroy the enemy's HQ, while taking action to protect their own. Get ready, so prepare your navigation charts and Blitzkrieg-handbook and join the crew!